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Postcards are going out for the December Fruit Sale.

Online ordering for the December sale is available now! And new this December, Georgia Elliott Pecans are available in 1 lb bags.

We are excited about offering the GEORGIA ELLIOTT PECANS in December. These are this seasonís, freshly harvested pecans-not from storage. Delicious, nutritious Elliott pecan halves are prized by seasoned chefs and fanatic foodies for their robust sweet flavor, high oil content and delectable crunch. The small, oval shaped nut is a rare specialty pecan due to its sporadic yield and the fact that only select growers choose to harvest them. Because of their stocky little size, Elliotts don't require chopping when adding to many flavorful pecan recipes. So feel free to use whole Elliott halves in cookies, muffins, salads and pies.

Place your order by December 6th and be sure to pick up your order on December 13th at Severna Park High School. See Fruit Sales for more information.

Remember - We accept credit cards for your prepaid online order!


The November 2014 Newsletter is available now! Check out what we've been doing!


Do you enjoy tremendous pizza or pasta every now and then? Join us at Ledo Pizza in Severna Park the fourth Wednesday of every month. Since July of 2009, Ledo Pizza has been donating a portion of their proceeds on Severn River Lions Night to the Club in support of our community service projects. A sincere thank you to Ledo Pizza for a 2013 donation of over $1400 and over $7,000 to date!


Bring us your used eyeglasses and hearing aids. WE RECYCLE FOR SIGHT and Hearing! A list of drop-off locations can be found here: Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids Needed.


DO YOU SHOP ONLINE? If so, check out this link. Severn River will receive a portion of the proceeds from every sale!


The International Association of Lions Clubs is the world's largest and most active service club organization, consisting of nearly 1.4 million service-minded men and women in more than 46,000 clubs in over 190 countries or geographical locations. Since our founding in 1917, Lions club members have volunteered their time and talents to meet needs wherever they exist. Lions are especially dedicated to serving the blind and visually impaired, a commitment made after Helen Keller challenged our members to become her "knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness" during the 1925 convention in Cedar Point, Ohio. Lions Clubs International is not a fraternal, social or political organization. It is a group of men and women bonded together to do things that you and I cannot do as individuals. The motto of Lions Clubs International and of our own club is "We Serve."

Severn River Lions Club was chartered in 1956 - for over 58 years we have been tirelessly serving those in need in the surrounding community. With projects ranging from vision screening, to building projects, to providing scholarships for high school and college students, the Severn River Lions Club is committed to bringing the unparalleled services of Lions Clubs International to our community.

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