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What is the Lions Loan Closet?

by Ollie Wittig

In the back room of the Severna Park Health Center building is a collection of items that are made available free of charge to persons who are ill or disabled and need aids to assist them in their daily lives.

Lion Ken Tschantre is the curator of this collection of crutches, canes, walkers, hospital beds, a Hoyer lift, commode chairs, shower chairs, soft chairs on wheels and wheel chairs which have been donated to the Club and are made available to persons in need.

About ten operating wheel chairs are currently out on long-term loan. Several other wheel chairs are in need of repairs - mostly new leg rests - before they can be put in circulation.

Calls and e-mails about obtaining items from the Loan Closet are referred to Lion Ken who promptly makes the arrangements to see that these items are made available to those with medical needs.

The Loan Closet is just another less well known example of Lionism at work in the community.

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